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Deborah Cullins Smith
Deborah Cullins Smith

Deborah Cullins Smith has been writing since she was about 10 years old. (No one will EVER see those early stories though! “My Adventures with Pirates” and “My Adventures on a Desert Island”—fully illustrated—will never be publication-worthy…) She wrote an on-going comic article for the Officers’ Wives Club in Alexandria, Louisiana in the mid-‘80’s that had the MEN grabbing their wives’ newsletters before they had a chance to read it themselves. Debbie’s Diary covered everything from the plague of giant cockroaches in the South (they FLY—can you believe that?!) to painting the kitchen while hubby is out of town.

In the late ‘80’s, she tried her hand at poetry and devotional articles for various magazines like The Pentecostal Evangel, The Standard, and other church-related publications of various denominations. During that time period, she ran into an old friend at a high school reunion who moderated a group of science fiction and fantasy writers from around the globe. James K. Bowers talked her into trying her hand at this genre. She always says he dragged her kicking and screaming into this endeavor, but the truth is that she fell in love with it after the first story. She is still a member of The Herscher Project.

In the early years of the 21st century, Ms. Smith was invited to contribute to an anthology called Light at the Edge of Darkness. She submitted three (fairly long!) short stories. “The Rider” was nominated for the
Bram Stoker Award for horror short story. Next, she contributed “Solitaire” to Frank Creed’s anthology Underground Rising: Tales from the Underground.

Her dear friend, Grace Bridges, eventually helped her put all four of those stories into individual e-book formats and introduced her to the wonderful world of self-publication. She published several more e-books, then Ms. Bridges helped her put all the e-books into one consolidated anthology called Ominous Tales.

Still that first stand-alone novel eluded her. Finally, in the spring of 2018, Ms. Smith launched herself into the plot of The Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, a novel idea she had been playing with for about 20 years. Chuck Gregory, also one of the Herscher Project compatriots, loved the story and agreed to publish it. (COMING SOON!!!) To coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, this book is a look back at the hippie counterculture of the ‘60’s and the people who made history with their desire for peace. It delves into the spiritual battles that one Christian woman faces when she confronts her own past, the man she once loved, and the man who wants to win her love now.

Next on the horizon Ms. Smith is working on a book about a woman who wishes to escape from telemarketers, carpools, and all the demands of the 21st century and retreat to a simpler life. She gets her wish in a most unexpected way and finds herself in the year 1187 under the reign of Richard the Lionheart. How will a modern woman cope with the Dark Ages?

Ms. Smith is the mother of three wonderful young adults, and the grandmother of 12 fabulous grandchildren, ranging from 19 to 1 year old! She also mothers four canine fur-babies who are thoroughly spoiled. In her spare time, (she would exclaim “WHAT is spare time?”) she knits, crochets, sews, and does various needlework projects. She lives in southern Illinois to be near all her babies. (and to escape ice and snow—which she hates passionately!)

She is a member of the Herscher Project, the Lost Genre Guild, and Realm Makers.